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Welcome to Cameron's Galaxy!
I'm Cameron!

I am 8 years old. I was born on Christmas day.

I was born with special powers, and I have 4 arms and 4 eyes. I usually wear a basketball t-shirt.

I have a big mouth, and pointy teeth. I have a jet pack.

With my 4 arms, I can hold 4 pencils at once. That is why I am a good artist.

I have crazy hair, and I never comb it. I have 4 fingers on each hand. Each finger has a suction cup.

I have a bomb-watch (it explodes time, so it makes time stop) and I have 15 micro-bombs (micro-bombs explode something so that it gets bigger and bigger, so that you can see it better).

I have 19 sun-bombs, which provide light.
I once ate a black hole, and it sucked out all the food inside me, and I became hungrier than a chicken.

I have 2 legs like a human, but I can easily make 9 legs like a Wingabuss.

I can turn my head into a duck, or a wolf, or I can easily make it into my own red head.

Sometimes, if I have the time to, I will turn myself into a Megagon. A Megagon is something with 19 arms, 5 legs and 2 heads that face different directions.

When I grow up, I am going to be a famous boxer (with my 4 arms).

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